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Building hype and awareness for an exciting and unique platform like Soba isn't that difficult. However, it can be challenging when the product is still in its early alpha stages.

Building hype and awareness for an exciting and unique platform like Soba isn’t that difficult. However, it can be challenging when the product is still in its early alpha stages. How exactly do you build interest in something that continues to change and evolve? How do you attract and build a community around something that isn’t even accessible to everyone?

Soba’s case study was an exciting learning experience and put our marketing expertise to the test.

What is Soba?

Soba is a no-code game making platform that allows users to build and host their own games on the Soba platform. Soba makes it easy for anyone to build a game and create their own virtual world because it removes the need to code anything. This significantly lowers the barrier of entry for game creation, meaning that virtually anyone can build their own game.

The Beginning

Soba came to Techtonic early on in its initial development with one primary goal – building website traffic and creating inbound interest in the platform. When Soba first signed on, the website was decently established with an authority ranking of 20.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t converting into traffic, as the website saw almost no organic search traffic due to the lack of searchable keywords and content.

The Strategy

Soba’s website already had some initial traction thanks to a few backlinks and a growing social media presence. We used this to our advantage by targeting some relatively competitive keywords along with some low-competition/low-volume search terms.

By doing this, we were able to grab some early wins ranking first for a number of keywords on Google and other search engines. This allowed us to grab traffic early on, instead of waiting months for bigger keywords to rank.

We also began building topical authority around relevant topics and keywords that our ideal audience would be searching for.

The Execution

With several early wins squared away, we shifted our focus to the core keywords we wanted to target. Over the next few months, we created focused content around a few primary pillar pages. These pillar pages targeted some of the biggest and most competitive keywords associated with our ideal audience.

As we began publishing these topic clusters, our topical authority began to climb and we began ranking for even more keywords. This quickly took the website from under 200 keywords up to 2400 within a matter of months. Not only that, but multiple pieces of content scored top spots which helped organically build a healthy backlink profile for the website.

The Result

After working with Soba for a little less than a year, we’ve been able to significantly increase their inbound traffic and leads. The website went from under 10 clicks/day to 200 clicks/day on average, and its authority increased from 20 to 30 without any dedicated backlink building.

It’s important to note that these results aren’t solely based on our efforts. Soba has been an outstanding partner who is just as dedicated to getting results as we are. They’ve been more than receptive to providing their expertise and thoughts within the content we’ve written, allowing us to create exceptionally valuable and unique articles.

They are also extremely dedicated to their community on social media and other platforms. All of this together has provided the recipe for success and hopefully the continued exponential growth of an incredible platform.

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